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Fund Raising

Here is a TREEmendous Way to Raise Money For Your Group Or Organization This Holiday Season!

Use fresh, locally grown White Pine Christmas tree, White Pine garland and White Pine Wreaths to raise the funds needed for your projects. Your supporters will enjoy the natural beauty of a high quality freshly cut or dug White Pine tree. The beautiful, dense, conical shaped tress stand straight and retain needles throughout the holiday season. Add fresh, long lasting White Pine garland and wreaths for that extra special natural look to really complete the season's decorating.

Trees are available at Little Mountain Tree Farm near Fall Creek Falls State Park for $3.00/ft. Cut and baled trees range in height from five feet to twelve feet. Dug trees are available for $4.00/ft. in sizes up to six feet. Fresh made White Pine garland or roping is $0.50 per foot. Fourteen inch White Pine wreaths are $6.00 each wholesale and $12.00 each retail. Other size wreaths are available as special orders.

Your own representative may visit our farm and tag the trees. We guarantee that your customers / supporters will be satisfied. Trees are picked up F.O.B. at the Farm, Route 2, Box 1451A, (3186 Griffith Road) or delivery can be arranged. Discounts are available for orders of one hundred or more items in like kind.

We look forward to providing more information about this TREEmendous way to raise project money. Call Little Mountain Tree Farm at (413) 881-3904 or (704) 684-3730 today.

Little Mountain Tree Farm - Route 2, Box 1451A - 3186 Griffith Road - Pikeville, TN 37367 - (423) 881-3904