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Dustin, Donald, Tina, Roy, Olivia - Nov '06

Our 2008

Another year in the Chicago Northwest suburbs: Donald (9) is now a third grader, Dustin (7) is in second grade, and Olivia (6) is in first. Tina started homeschooling all three this year so that has been quite a challenge (our 2 week attempt to set up a home schooling room took 6 months), but has been very rewarding as well.

Donald would play computer games all day if we let him, but he is an avid reader. For a 9 year old without lessons, he is doing well on the keyboard though he mainly likes playing StarWars themes and game music. Both boys are into Legos and still a little into Transformers. They are taking Karate lessons.
Dustin is still quite social, loves football. He is still daddy's little shadow.

Olivia continues to play with a zillion little things, loves horses and reindeer (especially one called Rudolph). She is quite the pack rat and can not bear to get rid of toys, but she is learning.

The years' adventures have included a trip to DisneyWorld (with all the extra money we don't have to pay for private school any longer) that included watching a shuttle launch from the beach; a trip to Huntsville, Alabama and Space Camp as Roy had a work trip there; visits with family in St. Louis, Kansas City and Seattle, phew!

Tina started leading worship at some of the campuses of our large church. She is also hosting a small group Bible Study for women in our home. She began recording again, although more polishing is needed before releasing her new songs.

Roy continues working on test systems at Northrop Grumman, being involved with music for the kids Awana group.

We were contacted by the "Osbourne Variety Show" to possibly have Ozzy Osbourne as well as Sharon and their 2 kids come visit with us for a day. Although it sounded interesting at first, fortunately our better judgement finally kicked in and we thought that might not be best!

We feel very blessed for the health, provision, and friends we have. We wish you all a great Christmas and blessed upcoming year.

Roy & Tina

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