Born: June 4, 1798 - Virginia

Died: 1864, Pike County, Illinois (age ~66)

Married: Mary Smith

Born: 1798 - Virginia

Died: 1874, Pike County, Illinois (age ~76)


- Born January 9, 1836 – Kinderhook, Illinois

- Born 1838 - Pike County, Illinois

- Born Jan 26, 1843 - Pike County, Illinois

From the Sprague history: "Thomas HULL Rev. and Mary SMITH"

Came to Southern Illinois in 1822.

An early settler.

First supervisor of the township.


PG# LN# LAST NAME FIRST NAME =======================================

233 14 Hull Thomas

Reported in household: 1 male 5-10 yrs

1 male 30-40 yrs

2 female to 5 yrs

2 females 5-10 yrs

1 female 10-15 yrs

1 female 30-40 yrs

Total: 8 in household





(Under Township Organizations, pg 308) There were present at this meeting the following members: Montgomery Blair, Barry; Hazen Pressy, Washington; Archibald Brooks, Chambersburg; David Preble, Salem; Wilson Adams, Harding; Wm. Ross, Newburg; Thos Hull, Kinderhook...



SUPERVISORS pgs 310-318

Below we give a full list of all the Supervisors from the time the county was organized under the township law till the present time, by years, together with the name of the chairman and the township each member is from:

[NOTE: for genealogists' sake, the list is alphabetical by page.]



John E. Ayers, Fairmount, 1852

Thomas Hull, Kinderhook, 1850

H.R. Ramsay, Atlas as Chairman, 1852




Thomas Hull, Aug. 3, 1846, Representative, Whig.....1358




(Under Kinderhook Township, pg 853) ...Mr. Thomas Hull first lived in a house with no windows at all. The family would build a large fire and leave the door open. On one occasion the Indians came to the house of Mr. Hull, when Mrs. Hull was alone, begging for something to eat. Mrs. Hull, however, could not understand them and would not let them into the house. They pointed to some pumpkins, signifying their desire to have some of them. Of these she willingly gave them as many as they could carry.


CHURCHES pg 855 [Kinderhook Township]

Kinderhook Baptist Church - This society was organized Jan. 28, 1859, at the house of David Devol, by Elder N. Kinne. Mr. Kinne was chosen Chairman, and Mr. Devol Clerk, of this meeting. He was then elected permanent Clerk, and shortly afterward S. Sprague and S. B. Gaines were chosen Deacons. Rev. Wm. Cleveland was called as their first Pastor. The congregation erected a house of worship in 1864, which was dedicated in October, 1865, by Elder N. Kinne. The present membership is 200. The Church has sustained a Sunday-school ever since it was organized.


Pike County Free Press

Pittsfield, Pike Co, IL

Thursday, July 30, 1846

Married - In Kinderhook precinct, July 16th by the Rev. Thomas Hull, Mr. Chancelor L. Curtis of New York to Miss Sarah A. Vighte of Middletown, Ohio.

CHARLES S. HULL pgs 862-863 [Kinderhook Township]

Deceased, was born in this tp. Jan. 26, 1843, the son of Thos. Hull, deceased, who came to Southern Illinois in 1822, and to this county in 1829. Charles was raised on a farm and educated in the public school; June 4, 1868, he married Louisa, daughter of Nathan H. Davis, near Griggsville. Mr. Hull was a farmer and stock-raiser, and resided on the old homestead until his death, which occurred Jan. 11, 1879, a zealous Methodist. Mr. and Mrs. Hull had 2 children, Mary A. and Sarah A. The Hull farm was one of the first farms settled and improved in this tp. Mrs. H. still resides there and carries on the farm.




- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



Born: January 9, 1836 – Kinderhook, Pike County, Illinois

Died: July 5, 1910 (age 74)

Education: Quincy College

Married: Mary Matilda Sprague 1860 in Kinderhook.

- Born: December 14, 1842 – Coal Run, Ohio

- Died: February 26, 1914 – Shawnee, Oklahoma (age 72)

- Educated in the graded schools of Barry, Illinois. She was superintendent of the W. C. T. U. home at Quincy, Illinois in 1905.


Buried: Akers Chapel Cemetery, Kinderhook Township, Pike County, IL (This cemetery is located in the southeast 1/4 of Section 10 of Kinderhook township. It can be reached by going 2 miles northwest from Kinderhook on Route 57, then take Route 96 north 1/2 mile to Akers Chapel Church. The cemetery is on the hill behind the church.)




J. N. HULL pg 863 [Kinderhook Township]

Was born Jan. 9, 1836; the son of Thomas Hull, an early settler, and the first supervisor of this tp. J. N. owns 400 acres of valuable land, and has 260 acres in wheat at present. He is engaged in the grain business at Hull's Station, and has recently erected a grain elevator and agriculture warehouse, 24 by 56 feet. January, 1860, he married Miss Mary M. Sprague, daughter of Deacon Seaman Sprague, of Kinderhook tp., and they have had 6 children, of whom 3 are living: Loyal S., Jennie B., and James L.




Page 1:

J. N. Hull’s Family Bible containing family record.

Page 2: James N Hull

Bible Center:


James Norton Hull and Mary Matilda Sprague were married January 25th 1860

Loval S. Hull and Ada B. Gose were married March 16th 1885

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Frank W. Osborn and Jennie B. Hull were married August 24th 1888

J. Lieb Hull and Anna Sakach married September 16, 1908

Charles Snook and Lillian Blanche Hull married June 28, 1904

Merle W. James and Nellie Colwell Hull married September 5, 1904

Arthur Sprague Osborn and Ruth Eva Mae Keal married Thursday Aug. 3 – 1922

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James Norton Hull was born Jan 9th 1836

Mary Matilda Sprague was born Dec 14th 1842

Loval Sprague Hull was born Feb 1st 1862 – Saturday

Mary Cyrena Hull was born Apr 25 1865 – Wednesday

Jennie Bethany Hull was Born Feb 18th 1868 Tuesday

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James Lieb Hull was born Nov. 14th 1871

Gracie Rose Hull was born Aug 16th 1875

Lillian Blance Hull was born April 28th 1880

Nellie Collwell Hull was born Nov 11th 1882 Saturday

Cynthia Jean Osborn was born April 26, 1957

Roy Arthur Osborn was born April 9, 1959

Larry James Osborn March 19, 1961

Lois Lyn Osborn Nov. 8, 1962

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Loval Sprague Hull was baptized July 13th 1862

Mary Cyrena Hull was baptized July 30th 1865

Jennie Bethany Hull was Baptized Aug 16 1868

James Lieb Hull was Baptized Aug 9th 1874

Lilian Blanche Hull was Baptized September 15th 1882

Nellie Colwell Hull was Baptized April 12th 1885

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Mary Cyrena Hull Died April 17th 1868

Gracie Rose Hull Died Feb 5th 1876

James Norton Hull died July 5, 1910 – Age 74

Mary Matilda (Sprague) Hull died February 26 – 1914 age 72

James Lieb Hull died June 29, 1936 age 64

Frank W. Osborn died July 12th 1946 age 79 yrs. Born Aug 24 1867

Arthur Sprague Osborn died June 14, 1972 Age 72