This poem was written by Phyllis Polk at the time of Toni's funeral.

"From Toni’s Perspective"

I heard a whisper call “Toni, come away”,
And I went home with Jesus that very day.
Because you love me, it makes you somewhat sad,
But for me, my loved ones, it was a day to be glad.

On earth we greatly anticipate that day,
Yet our attachments keep us from completely wanting to go away.
What a glorious day of freedom for me,
Even greater than I had expected it to be.

No longer confined to that prison, that chair,
No pain, no sorrow, not a worry, nor a care.
I just closed my eyes and didn’t hesitate,
To run to meet Jesus and Dad at the gate.

There were others there too, waiting for me,
Loved ones I have been longing to see.
What a reunion, the Bible is so true,
And I’ll meet you here when your destiny is through.

I can’t truly describe the beauty I see,
The streets of gold, the crystal sea.
New flowers of vivid colors, worship everywhere,
With seeing Jesus face to face, none could compare.
This city of love holds many new stories for me,
So much “catching up,” so many loved ones to see.

Though I’m really very near, God will send a baby in my place,
That loved one will fill the void, till I see you face to face.
It won’t be a very long time that we have to be apart,
And I still hold all your love and precious memories in my heart.

I Love You

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